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  1. Emily,
    I enjoyed reading your Restless Heart piece in America and it resonated with much of my own experience. On a recent silent retreat, I was reading through the “Second Week” prayers of a Jesuit guide to Ignatian Spiritual Exercises (Hearts on Fire), and came across a prayer from Teilhard de Chardin entitled “Patient Trust” that touched me quite deeply, especially in my own restlessness. It also made me think of your article, so I thought I would pass along a link to the prayer:
    My spiritual director on the retreat suggested that I personalize the prayer. The first line, for example, thus became: “ABOVE ALL, I trust in the slow work of God.”
    Teilhard’s prayer concludes: “…accept the anxiety of feeling yourself
    in suspense and incomplete.”
    Perhaps others who recognize the unsettled experiences you describe may want to take a look at the prayer.

    With all good wishes,

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