Not enough time

Rushing through my morning shower, then, later, chopping vegetables to throw in the oven for the first dinner I’ve made in weeks, ideas for projects knocked around my skull, each new one outpacing the last. Me chasing after, trying to catch up to grab and hold on to at least one in the hopes of eventually making something of it.

The recurring thought, both while lathering my legs in the a.m. and sliding carrots across the cutting board in the p.m., was the same: There’s not enough time for all that I want to write. And those words–“not enough time”–started spinning in my head to the tune of that fabulous INXS song.

At least today I succeeded in getting down a solid 1,300 words for a new project I hadn’t anticipated running into. After recently discovering Elissa Bassist and the Rumpus’s Funny Women column, I resolved to take a stab at humor writing. This project today surprised me by fulfilling that resolution. I didn’t know I had it in me! All in all, I think I did a fine job for a first shot at funny. I’m proud of the piece.

Though, of course, it wasn’t one of the barrage of ideas that had attacked me this morning while rinsing conditioner from my hair. Those will just have to keep playing pinball with the walls and levers of my skull until another day, another time.

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